Grayson Thomas Sexton

Facts about me:
(as of Jun 28th, 2011)

Weight: 24 lbs, 10 oz
Clothes Size:
    18 - 24 months
Eyes: Blue
Length: 33.5 inches

Hi, I'm Grayson.  Daddy is still working on my webpage, so please check back often for updates!
There are new pictures in my pictures gallery (July 6th, 2010).

Mommy and Daddy have been through a lot to get me here, and I think they think I'm some kind of miracle.
I know I'm just happy to be here!!

I also know I've got brothers and sisters in Heaven that I will get to meet one day; Garrett, Kaitlyn,  and Baby Sexton.

2012 - Me, Mom and Dad at my first rodeo! Grayson Thomas Sexton, Mom and Dad

Me, Mom and Dad, how it all started.
Grayson Thomas Sexton, Mom and Dad

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