Long time overdue

I guess you can say we have been a little busy. Dadda is starting up a new business so momma is taking over the blogging. We just celebrated Father’s day with Poppie and Grammie. They bought me my first tricycle. A like it alot, but my legs are a little too short to move the pedals. I think it is still great, because someone still has too push me ;) We got dadda some Georgia Tech koozies and floor mats. I think he liked him, he has been using them, so I guess that is a good thing. Summer is here and boy is it hot. I don’t really like swimming in my pool, but I sure do like taking the water out and pouring it on Charlie and Bosley. They are best friends, especially Charlie. He let’s me bounce and waller on him, not too mention he gives my lots of kisses. Momma will try and post some pics so stay tuned. Love ya Peeps!

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